Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Painting the ramp at the Volcom Team House in Costa Mesa, CA
We make the show here at Okay Mountain in Austin TX
Making Camp Ramp
This is Rye Beres, he plays 'Denver'. We're glad he agreed to come up from San Antonio and film him, this was the first time we did...we literally had no idea what we were going film. It was obvious to him we had no idea what we were doing.
Same with this. Jeremy Fish as 'Donny California'. Jeremy made it up as he went along.
Our friend Jesse Garza made these Busterz hats and tee shirts for episodes 9 and 10. By this time we had realized that we were making a show and that we should actually write a story.
When we filmed the Busterz scenes we were actually high out of our minds on energy drinks to get into character. Half way through the day our bodies began rejecting the chemicals and we smelled like we took a bath in gear fluid. I don't know how you kids drink that shit.

We'll be back with Season II March 5th on and check back here for alot more pictures and behind the scenes videos as we make fools of ourselves.

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